Infidels All Look Alike

From Strategy Page.

THAILAND: Ethnic Cleansing in the South

July 22, 2005: The Islamic militants are trying to do some ethnic, and religious, cleansing in the Moslem south. The three southern provinces have a population of some 1.8 million, and only 360,000 of those are Buddhists (the religion of the majority of Thais, who are ethnically different from the Moslems, who are Malays). The terror campaign is having some success, as some ten percent of the southern Buddhists have left the south in the past six months. But many of the remaining Buddhists are arming and preparing to defend themselves, and stay in the south.

The Taliban, you’ll recall, outraged the French and the American Left when they used artillery on ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.

Whether killing living Buddhists in Thailand will attract as much disdain is yet to be seen.