Guilty as Charged

JR sends a Victor Davis Hanson article, Elegant nonsense, re: the “Peephole Magazine” elite.

…Entertainers wrongly assume that their fame, money and influence arise from broad knowledge rather than natural talent, looks or mastery of a narrow skill.

In fact, what do a talented Richard Gere, Robert Redford and Madonna all have in common besides loudly blasting the current administration? They either dropped out of, or never started, college. Cher may think George Bush is “stupid,” but she — not he — didn’t finish high school.

If these apparent autodidacts are without degrees, aren’t they at least well informed? Not always. Right before the Iraqi war, Barbra Streisand issued an angry statement assuring us that Saddam Hussein was the dictator of Iran.

Hanson’s article makes great sense, and should be read in full, but in their heart of hearts, these celebrities don’t really believe their fame, money and influence arise from any admirable trait.

They know better.

After time, even someone as clueless as Cher will recognize that her entourage is composed of sycophantic liars.

But why admit it? It’s worked well so far; and discussing support for the “oppressed” – with an NYT reporter, over the bar in your limousine – is the Balm of Glitteriad.

People who are not complete sociopaths will feel guilt about unearned success. They can’t really grasp how it came to be – or how it can be continued. “How can I be worth this much money?”, must have occurred to a plurality of these ego displacement experts early in their careers.

“How can I be worth this much money?” is a stupid thought, and its generalization is telling. They have, in fact, earned the money. And only the money. And even if the money comes from those they judge as idiots.

But earning millions from idiots carries its own angst, especially for someone without a GED.

In this rarefied demographic of the extremely lucky, guilt is inevitable. Guilt over wealth that they “feel” is undeserved, guilt over fame derived primarily from a facility to adopt fictional personalities; and guilt because the mindless adulation from people they despise is based mostly on physical appearance.

Get over being rich for no apparent reason. It’s a free market.

Get off the soapbox you haven’t the common sense to distinguish from a pedestal.

Instead of depending on your celebrity, maybe start a blog and see if anyone reads it. At bottom, it’s use of your celebrity that causes the guilt.