Brave New World meets Animal Farm

Wherein the Canadian Prime Minister is “more equal than others” and “Soma”
is your only friend during your wait for that bypass operation. (Here’s what you get if you Google “Soma Brave“. Want to bet this is a Canadian site?)

I would not believe this story except for the source, and maybe the fact that it further exposes Michael Moore as an idiot.

Mark Steyn gives us an anecdote which summarizes the horrors of Canadian health care, THE SMALLNESS OF THE BIG IDEA.


…Once it becomes natural to wait six months for an MRI, it’s not difficult to persuade you that it’s natural to wait ten months, or fifteen. Acceptance of the initial concept of “waiting” is what matters.

True, they’ve not yet reached the stage of a ten-month waiting list for the maternity ward, but consider the experience of Debrah Cornthwaite, who last year gave birth to two twin boys at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. That’s in Alberta. Mrs Cornthwaite had begun the big day by going to her local maternity ward at Langley Memorial Hospital. That’s in British Columbia.

They told her, yes, your contractions are coming every four minutes, but sorry, we don’t have any beds. And, after they’d checked with the bed-availability helpline “BC Bedline”, they brought her the further good news that there was not a hospital anywhere in the province in which she could deliver her babies. There followed seven hours of red tape and paperwork. Then, late in the evening, she was driven to the airport and put on a chartered twin-prop to Edmonton. In the course of the flight, the contractions increased to every two-and-a-half minutes – and most Lamaze classes don’t teach timing your breathing to the turbulence over the Rockies.

Would you want to do that on your delivery day? You pack your bag and head to your local hospital in Oakland, and they say not to worry, we’ve got a bed for you in Denver.

Be warned. It would already have happened here if “Hillary Care” hadn’t been killed, and Dubya has proven he’s no real obstacle to totalitarian health care with his Medicare drug profligacy.