Western Civ (minus) 101

Though apparently a healthy plurality don’t recognize it, Canadians face a grave threat to their very system of government.

The strangest thing to me is that there is an easy way to remedy the immediate problem, even if it were only a temporary rejection of the Libranos.

How much harm… to whatever it is that would be harmed… could one term of Steven Harper do?

Harper isn’t going to be able to reverse gun-confiscation. He can’t dissolve the health care system – even though a majority of Canadians would like the parallel-private alternative Paul Martin has rejected. He can’t rebuild the military. He probably could only delay a gay-marriage bill.

These are projects of a generation, not a term. They are the burden of culture, not of politics.

What can be so scary about Steven Harper that one would vote to continue, in a 1st world country, a standard for honesty in government that doesn’t quite rise to the level of the 3rd world? The fear must be palpable.

In Canada’s defense, it is fair to point out that “Western Civilization” is a term being used loosely everywhere.

How else can the US explain the rants of Old Europe, Amnesty International, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Senator Dick Durbin, and yes – Canada?

The fight for Western Civilization is informed in the US by anti-American obscenities spoken on the floor of the Senate. The fight for honest government, as a concept, isn’t even on the horizon for many Canadian voters.

I don’t mean this so much as a comparison, as I do as a plea.

What is going on? Where can we build anew?