Senators Leahy and Durbin Squeak Out

Leahy admitted that Guantanamo prison has undermined the United States’ credibility in human rights.

Guess where this appears. Hint: it isn’t the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Fancisco Chronicle or even Pravda. It isn’t, or, or, or or even

Check it out.

It’s amazing they can even type the word “credibility” without having their fingers fall off (Allah having the same attitude toward truth and justice as Yaweh), but there probably is a dispensation when quoting a US Senator.

And how about:

“US senator stands by Nazi remark.

You are a Senator and your argument is that American credibility is being damaged. Do you compare US soldiers to the the Khmer Rouge, Gitmo to the Soviet Gulag and to Nazi extermination camps? Do you say these things in one breath, claim the War in Iraq is creating new terrorists in the second and evince support for the troops in the third?

Senators, give us all a fisking break. Retake Comparative Metaphors 101.