Maroon Rhymes with Buffoon

mid-Michigan types today protested over Representative Mike Rogers’ (R-MI) acceptance of money from House Majority Leader Tom Delay’s PAC.

Their point is somewhat obscured by other facts.

1- The Maroons took tens of millions from George Soros, ‘evil’ currency speculator and convicted inside trader.

2- They then used his blood money to distribute ads comparing Bush to Hitler and of the Capitol being blown up – part of a long list of idiocies targeting their far-left-statist core supporters.

3- While Rep. Mike Rogers, Michigan Republican, did get money from Delay’s PAC, the facts ballyhooed by the Maroons were about Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama), but they didn’t know it was the wrong Congressman. They took their instruction from a moonbat leftwing Web site. Why not? They’re familiar with the genre.

Actually, the facts wouldn’t have made any difference to these 20 or so idiots anyway.

They still think Howard Dean had it right when he recommended a jail term for Delay, who has never even been charged with anything. That is the Maroon idea of American justice.

As Bugs Bunny would say – “What a Maroon.”

Though in this particular example (I have to play it twice to get the full sentence) Bugs is obviously referring to Howard Dean, the “ultra-maroon.”