Fake but accurate

Ever since Newsweek got the Gitmo “Koran flushing” story backwards – it was a prisoner who did that, not US military personnel – we’ve been treated to a story a day about the horrors of Gitmo. We’re treated to MSM outrage about US insensitivity to Islam and stand accused of running a “Gulag.”

Tell you what. When the Saudis allow Jews and Bibles to be in their country; when Al-Qaeda stops turning mosques into fortresses and arms caches; when Iran’s prisons appear in an Amnesty International press release – that is, when pigs fly – I’ll turn my attention to consideration of how we should display our respect for the trappings of Islam, including the Koran.

Who is asking about prison conditions in Saudi Arabia, North Korea or France? This is not about human rights. It’s about the agenda of UNophiles who think it’s just peachy that Syria, Cuba and Libya are on, or head, UN committees dedicated to “protection” of human rights.

Where is George Orwell, to point out this newthink, when you need him?

The Pentagon’s announcement of actual cases of Koran mistreatment was unhelpful. None of the leftwing usual suspects will give any credit for the Pentagon’s self examination, they’ll just say “Told you so.” and “You’re still lying about the REAL abuse.” Ref. – Molly Ivins.

Such self flagellation would be unnecessary in a county that wasn’t full of decadent pseudo-intellectuals such as are protected from reality in our Universities and in our traditional Press. Leakers and Stalinists.

We tie ourselves in politically correct knots while our enemies make snuff videos of the beheading of civilians. Our press dwells on “fake, but accurate.”

At Camp X-Ray our military “showed disrespect” for the Koran five times. Three were clearly accidental; one resulted in the firing of an interrogator.

The islamofascist thugs imprisoned there committed atrocities against the Koran fifteen times, including urinating on it and the attempted flushing.

If we really followed Wahhabi principles, those prisoners should have been put to death.

We provided the Korans in the first place. We provide Islamic appropriate meals. We provide better medical care than the prisoners have ever experienced. We play calls to prayer five times a day, and probably point out the direction of Mecca for those using the prayer rugs we supplied.

Protocol calls for us to handle the Koran with gloves – a tacit admission that we’re inferior brings.

And what does our own press do with this fawning virtue? Turn it against us.

The Lone Ranger was a man who, when the bad guy was clinging to a cliff by his fingernails, would pull him back to safety in order to continue the fight. That’s us.

I still admire the Lone Ranger ethic, but when the onlookers start shouting “Why didn’t you consider his impoverished childhood?” and “Who made you the Editor of Newsweek?” – reason demands that we reconsider who is worthy of our virtue.