Eminent UNDomain

Powerline refers to an article in The New York Sun – Plan B.

The Sun generally considers it a good idea if the UN were to get its building off of US soil.

…Without the legitimacy of being in New York, the United Nations would fold like a cheap suit. An anti-American organization could no longer taunt its favorite punching bag from a swanky perch on our own soil. And the site at Turtle Bay would be available for more productive commercial or residential uses or as the headquarters of a new organization of free democracies that could pursue the quest on which the world set out 60 years ago to promote and encourage respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all.

That’s OK as far as it goes, but I’d prefer eminent domain proceedings to seize the UN building and turn it over to Halliburton – just to hear the screams from the World Government Statists on our Supreme Court.