45 Million Myths

From Canada’s National Post.

Best single commentary on government-monopoly health care I’ve seen in some time. TOTH to Neale News.

Better Canada’s frayed health care system than unbridled U.S. capitalism that leaves millions with no safety net, right? Well, take a closer look.

…The uninsured [in the United States] have at their disposal a safety net, namely the public hospital network: This in fact constitutes a sort of informal hospital insurance. Even the uninsured can obtain health care. The Congressional Budget Office writes that “many people without insurance have access to at least some sources of health care, either through public hospitals, community health centres, local health departments, or Department of Veterans Affairs facilities.” OECD researchers have made a similar observation: “Local governments, in conjunction with states, play an important role in financing the so-called safety net providers (e.g., county hospitals) that serve the indigent.”

These facts are illustrated by a letter last year from Susan W. Weathers, a doctor in Texas, to the Wall Street Journal. The Canadian system, she explained, “resembles the county hospital where I work. Our patients pay little or nothing. They wait three months for an elective MRI scan and a couple of months to get into a subspecialty clinic. Our cancer patients fare better than the Canadians, getting radiotherapy within one to three weeks. The difference is that our patients are said to have no insurance (a term used interchangeably with no health care) whereas Canadians have ‘universal coverage.'”

This won’t be reported in the US, of course. The objective of US advocates of socialized medicine (including the MSM) has been demonstrated in Canada: The government must have control.

But, if they can’t run schools how can we expect them to run health care?

The answer is – Badly.

Look at Canada’s health care, defense capability, political honesty, freedom of speech and gun control insanity ($2 billion and counting, as pointed out by Angry in the Great White North) and you see what Liberals want the US to be.

Pay attention.

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