Woe Canada :-[

I repeat here what Small Dead Animals extracted from a
21-May post on The Monarchist.

The Tipping Point.

On the other hand, no… I don’t.

Read the original in its entirety.

There is a despair, and some hope, that seems to me to require experiencing the whole post. It nicely catches a mood, for me longstanding, of what has gone wrong with Canada.

I am very grateful to Kate McMillan for this reference. It is simply excellent as a summation of the suffering of Canadians outside Ontario.

I felt the same frustration a decade ago. Before I left Canada.

I think Walsingham is dead on. Whether it’s “about time” or not, may well depend on whether the Grits ever even allow a vote.

It’s bad north of he 49th parallel, and mostly because a generous third of the voters still don’t get it.

This may be a country loose from its moorings.

Those moorings are very little different from our own.

Maybe the only difference is that Al Gore never became President.

At least Quebec and Alberta have the legal option of secession.

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