The most abused word in America – liberal

Abused by the far Left and their useful idiots, anyway.

Right Wing News surveyed the blogosphere to determine Left and Right wing “favorite columnists.”

The Left list is indicative of the lack of higher cognitive function common to all statists – this is not a list of “liberals” – it’s a list of preening busibodies.
It just goes to show how far “Liberals” have run with the ball since they stole it.

Can anyone actually read Molly Ivins on a full stomach? She is 3rd favorite.

That’s almost as bad as “former Enron advisor” (tm James Taranto) Paul Krugman being 1st. Krugman can’t reason. Ivins can’t even write.

The Right list I could accept as my own, if I were right-wing, but I think classical liberal is a more accurate description of TOC.

So… I’d consider getting Jacob Sullum, Virginia Postrel, and P.J O’Rourke in there. Maybe Larry Elder. Probably Mark Helprin. This assumes only print columnists are eligible.

One person appearing on both lists is interesting. If I’d had to pick someone for that distinction – he’s the guy.

Finally, the Left couldn’t come up with more than 14 columnists they really like?

Where’s Robert Scheer-“Stalinist”, and Ted “Liba”-Rall, and William Raspberry, and Cynthia Tucker, and Anna Quindlan, and Walter Duranty, and Youpick from the SF Chronicle. And how could anybody miss Nick Coleman, ultimate idiot, from the Minneapolis Strib?