The FBI should be proud of the comparison

In an email, Paladin notes that on Thursday the ACLU released an FBI document stating that Defense Department personnel at Guantanamo impersonated State Department and FBI officials during prisoner interrogations.

So what? We’re supposed to give the terrorists our name, rank and serial number?

I could understand ACLU angst if DoD personnel had dressed up as Imams, violating the separation of terrorist and state, or if they’d climbed into Koran costumes and given each other swirlies; but if they “defile” themselves by impersonating State Department officials they deserve “neurotic duty citations”, a fifth of Jack Daniels and a weekend pass.

Thank The Hairy Thundering Cosmic Muffin that DoD staff didn’t have to pretend to be associated with Amnesty International, the International Red Cross or Dennis Kuchinich.

Since the ACLU is the haven for the most relativist pack of shysters on the planet, let’s compare relative subterfuge:

A) The DoD is conducting an interrogation of suicide-bomb-school washouts who’ve sworn to kill you and me. IMHO, DoD had damn well better be tricky.
B) The Democrats impersonate effete European bureaucrats all the time and the ACLU doesn’t complain.
C) The ACLU constantly pretend to be defending the Constitution by means of extending it to support our declared mortal enemies.

Which is worst?