Free NPR & PBS from the Fascists!

That is, free them from taxpayer funding.

The Honorable Representative John Dingle (Demorcrat-MI), is concerned that:

“The Republican chairman” [shouldn’t that be the “chair” or “chairperson”?] of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was said to be pressing aggressively to correct “what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias.”

Ronald Coleman, at Likelihood of Confusion notes in PBS Now Part of Right-Wing Conspiracy:

…the idea of taxpayer-subsidized public broadcasting, inevitably doomed to become a political tug of war — albeit only decades after the right should have realized what was going on — is at least as silly. You can understand why the goofy Europeans, given their statist leanings and relatively weak speech protections, would tolerate such nonsense. But why do we?

Emphasis mine.

Two points.

1- Removing political control from public broadcasting means removing taxpayer dollars – as noted in The Other Club’s first post. If Rep. Dingle is concerned about changing the bias of PBS and NPR he should lead the fight to free these institutions from the cruel hand of government.

2- One need not look to Europe for state controlled broadcast media. Canada’s CBC (Canadian Broadcarping Castration) not only receives $1 billion of taxpayer funding annually, but exists in a country that prohibits reception of unapproved “foreign” satellite signals. This is why Fox News was banned in Canada for a year after Al-Jazeera was available.

2 thoughts on “Free NPR & PBS from the Fascists!”

  1. Mr. Coleman,Canadians have their own identity.Well… except for a majority of Quebec – a Province with immigration standards separate from the Federal government. could say the Quebecers have their OWN, own identity.Ontario is not to left behind, however,, maybe you were right in the first place. :)Hershblogger