Empty Promises – Empty Heads

Mark Steyn examines the intersection of Senator George Voinovich’s know-nothing hypocrisy with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s preening sanctimony.

Voinovich thinks it’s the US that needs reform, not the UN; so he’s unhappy that John Bolton might actually get something done on the shores of Turtle Bay, even if it requires figuratively removing several stories of UN headquarters – or at least the occupants.

Speaking of literal devastation, Paul Martin was front and center on the Tsunami devastated beaches of Sri Lanka pledging $425 million in relief.

He’s now pledging billions to special interests in Canada in an attempt to get his corrupt government re-elected.

To those on the bribery list, please note; all but $50,000 of the Canadian Tsunami aid is still tied up in Ottawa.

Canada needs to recognize that Lester Pearson’s reputation has been overdrawn for decades and no longer, if even it ever did, justifies feeling good about talking about doing good.

Voinovich needs to study the definitions of “problem” and “solution” until he can tell them apart.