A Gun Control Success Story

Wow! The Canadian Liberal Party’s gun confiscation program is not only an order of magnitude over budget, but it is encouraging new skills.

Canada is now sponsoring on-the-job training in machete use. In this case, a US Marine recently returned from Iraq is seriously wounded – from behind.

If, as Liberals on both sides of the 49th parallel argue, these problems are best left to the police, then where the &^@* were they?

How do you sneak a machete into a bar without police notice? Oh, right, police can’t be everywhere simultaneously.

This is one reason I hold a concealed carry permit.

I also know my behavior when carrying would quite likely be more cautious than that of this Iraq combat veteran while observing a bar fight.

That is an incredible thing to say, but he felt safe.

He wasn’t. The fault lies with politicians in Ottawa.

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