Free States are where you find them

If you have not been following the Canadian campaign finance scandal, I’m not going to repeat it here. I’ve written on it several times and Captain Ed has been heroic in exposing it (latest).

In short, highly placed members of the ruling (“governing” would be quite imprecise) Liberal party have been caught taking very large bribes. And lying about it. And trying to cover it up.

On April 21st I wrote:

Nonetheless, I have to admit that I would like the Liberals to be re-elected in Canada. I have friends there that I would like to have exempted from the effects but, all in all, Canadians have the government they deserve.

Canadian voters let the Liberals buy them “lock, stock and barrel.” Or rather, since the Liberals have confiscated most firearms; we must say bought “scrotum, testicles and”… well “barrel” obviously doesn’t much figure anymore.

Liberal re-election is necessary because otherwise Canadians won’t be REALLY fed up enough not to re-elect the bastards 3 or 4 years down the road. They’ve done it many times before.

They need another few years of this before they’ll actually get pissed.

I’m sorry that I might have been right. Today, Reuters reports:

Polls show the Conservatives have a narrow lead over the Liberals, who have been in power since November 1993.

A narrow lead?! If this happened in any other Western democracy, loosely enough defined to include France, the tar and feathers would be at the ready. (You’ll have to read up to appreciate the full extent of the slipshod corruption of a government that has been in power, for all intents and purposes, since Trudeau’s 1968 election.)

But, watch the Grits squeak through because of voters in Quebec and Ontario.

If they do win re-election, it may help with the cause of Alberta separatism (and here), an interesting alternative to Republicrat single party rule in this country. Maybe the next election will help Albertans along the path to independence.

Alberta has more oil than New Hampshire (see the Freestate Project) and the weather’s no worse. We could do worse than a returned Liberal government in Canada.