Berger bits

Martha Stewart served 5 months in a Federal prison, is now serving a 5 month term of house arrest and was fined $30,000.

Her crime? Not, as you may think, insider trading of 3,900 shares of ImClone Systems Inc.. No, she was convicted of lying to the Feds about that stock transaction.

Sandy Berger, President Clinton’s top national security aide, removed classified material from the National Archives by means of stuffing it into his socks and skivvies.

When confronted last July, he said he had made an “honest mistake.”

Three of the documents he took disappeared. He said he had either misplaced or unintentionally thrown them away.

Today, in a guilty plea to charges related to this gross violation of national security, Berger admitted he had used scissors to cut the missing documents up.

Ignore the fact that Berger has admitted to illegally, and personally, having destroyed classified documents: He lied to the Feds!

Berger will be sentenced on July 8. If his deal with the prosecutor holds up he will serve no jail time, be fined $10,000 and lose his security clearance for 3 years.

Two questions.

How do you lose your security clearance permanently?

Where are the feminists when they have a justifiable complaint?