Another Moral Lesson from Canada

The Captain’s Quarters reports further on the stench in Canadian politics and the ruling Liberal party’s (members range from left of Ted Kennedy to just slightly right of Mao) pathetic response to it.

One thing is clear. It’s a good thing Canada didn’t have any involvement in the UN oil-for-food program. If they had, Saddam would have long since annexed Quebec in exchange for political contributions.

See my post of 3-April, if you’re just tuning in to this corruption story.

The late breaking news is that the Liberals: “handed out positions on the judicial bench in exchange for political favors.”

Showing his respect for the moral capacity of the average Canadian voter, Prime Minister Paul Martin then asked for 8 months to clean up his party.

Nonetheless, I have to admit that I would like the Liberals to be re-elected in Canada. I have friends there that I would like to have exempted from the effects but, all in all, Canadians have the government they deserve.

Canadian voters let the Liberals buy them “lock, stock and barrel.” Or rather, since the Liberals have confiscated most firearms; we must say bought “scrotum, testicles and”… well “barrel” obviously doesn’t much figure anymore.

Liberal re-election is necessary because, otherwise Canadians won’t be REALLY fed up enough not to re-elect the bastards 3 or 4 years down the road. They’ve done it many times before.

They need another few years of this before they’ll actually get pissed.