Airamerica Huffington

Modeled after Air America and Al Franken

Arianna Huffington invests in the Internet 10 years too late, and in Liberalism 40 years too late.

Tip of the Hat for that story to SV, who writes:

Ask yourself this question. Has anyone of these people ever been to fly-over country? Or, if California quietly disappeared tomorrow, would life go on?

Or ask yourself even more rhetorical questions like;
Is Huffington the idiot she appears?
Do we
really need another outlet for the vast left-wing conspoofery?

Walter Cronkite has been invited to participate.

No, not another person by the same name as the “most trusted man in America” in 1968, the very same one.

The same Cronkite person who entirely missed the significance of North Vietnam’s Tet offensive, in which the communists were handed one of the huge defeats in modern arms.

The same Cronkite who today proposes that Osama bin Laden was making contributions in kind to George Bush’s re-election campaign.

Crazy Walter-in-the-attic, for &^%# sake?

In his dotage he’s become a conspiracy theorist of the first water – only the MoveOn types care what he says. And they only care because it feeds their fevered visions of bats attacking the moon.

“People are always drawn to any conversation that is passionate and authentic and unfiltered,” Huffington said…

“It will be people’s voices, including people’s spelling mistakes and idiosyncratic punctuation,” Huffington said. “Authenticity always draws people.”

Right. Authenticity from:

“Seinfeld” creator Larry David, Viacom Inc. co-president Tom Freston, former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen, director Rob Reiner, cable talk show host Bill Maher and actor John Cusack.

Arianna, you’ve spent too much time in Hollywood. Apparently you think “authenticity” trumps common sense and are simultaneously unable to define authentic.

Passionate, certainly.

Unfiltered? Thanks, but no.

Filtered exposure to these people has been more than enough already. I am not interested in correcting their spelling any more than I am interested in their idiosyncratic (I read narcissistic) worldview.

Maybe a reasoned, intelligent conversation would be interesting, Arianna, but you don’t bother with those words because you probably think that’s the same as “authentic”, don’t you?