MoveOn Culpa? Not.

The liberation of Iraq began two years ago tomorrow, and the MoveOn types have plans for public displays around the country. They will get good TV coverage.

What will we see?

We cannot expect these people to be carrying large banners saying, “Our apologies to the Iraqi people.”, or waving signs reading, “George, maybe you were right!” or “It wasn’t in our name… Oops.”.

They will not be celebrating the dismantling of their assumption that Arabs are sub-humans whose slave mentality and masochism makes them prefer iron-fisted, murdering dictators to freedom.

No we can’t expect that.

We can’t expect any solidarity with the Lebanese demonstrators feeling safe enough, brave enough, to demand free elections. We will see no appreciation of Iraqi courage in giving the purple finger to terrorists.

Neither will we hear any sympathy for military families, nor a moment of silent respect for the Americans who’ve died to make this possible.

No, we’re more likely to hear screaming that Pat Tilman was a fool and rants that Bushitler did this for the oil.

Neither will we hear… well, if you’ve read this far, you get it.

There’s a longer list of the achievements the Moveonbats will ignore here.

It would be on the plus side if a few said they support the troops, and we will hear this. But, as Michelle Malkin has eloquently pointed out, that’s Bull.

Michelle is being polite.

There is some comfort in knowing that the children and grandchildren of tomorrow’s protestors will someday view 30-Jan-2005 as a watershed in world freedom. And consider their forbears as confused – to be charitable.