Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


This service does not inform you until after the installation that:

a) existing comments are kidnapped and only become available again if you upgrade to premium membership.

I might even have done that except for:

b) comments are limited to 1,000 characters without premium membership.
I discovered this only in trying to restore comments Haloscan had grabbed and held for ransom per point a).

Even if you buy the premium service, comments are limited to 3,000 characters.

I would have liked to use this trackback service. However, non-disclosure of these major limitations prior to signing up has destroyed Haloscan’s credibility for me.

Now I’m trying to delete my membership entirely. I’ve already blanked any info I can reach, but exiting entirely is non-obvious. I will of course, be changing all associated passwords.

Very disappointing.