5 thoughts on “Abject Apologies”

  1. Chrenkoff’s writing regarding the Pope is interesting:”With the news that Pope John Paul II is now being fed through a tube in his nose, how long will we have to wait until some idiot calls for (more or less seriously) that tube, too, to be disconnected and the Pontiff allowed to finally die?”Chrenkoff’s further writings about the assassination attempt of the Pope being ordered by the KGB via Bulgarians via Turks is equally so: Are you/others aware of any corroborating evidence?JPM

  2. Agence France-Presse presents a quandary for me, but they simply confirm a well known charge against the Bulgarian SS reported by lesser left-wing sources.Time Magazine.http://www.time.com/time/europe/magazine/article/0,13005,901020527-238571,00.htmlCIA World Factbook from Library of Congress.http://www.photius.com/countries/bulgaria/national_security/bulgaria_national_security_terrorist_and_espion~83.htmlThis was widely reported (link from The Beeb) at the time since it followed on the heels of: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2636459.stm

  3. P.S.On March 16 the Vatican released an opinion that feeding tubes are not medical therapy and cannot be withheld from a permanently unconscious person.http://www.religiousconsultation.org/News_Tracker/Pope_pronouncement_on_feeding_tubes_stuns.htmPersonally, I think this confuses “rendering unto Caesar” with some other prophet’s discourse, and it’s certainly unacceptable in a libertarian sense. Still, I wonder how long it will be before NARAL calls it a “conflict of interest.”

  4. I was reminded by OpinionJournal today of just why the KGB feared Pope John Paul II. In 1979 he went to Poland and told his countrymen not to be afraid of the Soviets. 1/3 of Poland showed up to hear his speeches.From OpionJournal:*QUOTEIronically, better than even some of his allies, the Communists themselves grasped the threat posed by a man whose only power was to expose the moral hollowness at the core of their claim. When the leader of Communist Poland tried to explain to the leader of the Communist U.S.S.R. that, as a fellow Pole, he knew how best to handle this new pope, Leonid Brezhnev responded prophetically. If the church weren’t dealt with, Brezhnev retorted, “sooner or later it would gag in our throats, it would suffocate us.” It did. *ENDQUOTE