Congressional privilege

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) thinks Karl Rove planted those fake documents on CBS – “Probably the most flagrant example of that is the way they set up Dan Rather. Now, I mean, I have my own beliefs about how that happened: it originated with Karl Rove, in my belief, in the White House.”

Taking a page from John Kerry, Hinchey said he had evidence of this before saying he did not.

He also is confident that making unsubstantiated and bizarre allegations is not only not irresponsible, but important.

Hinchey has previously written to his constituents that “we are engaging in what will come to be seen as a massacre in Iraq on the basis of the `Bush Doctrine’ of pre-emption.”

Hinchey was not seen to be wearing his tinfoil hat at the time of either of these allegations, which may explain a great deal.

My guess? Howard Dean put him up to it.