Slouching toward ochlocracy

Michael Yon On the ground in in Atlanta.“One day there will be a medal: “I was alive in 2020.” And we will look at each other knowingly. All the wisdom we gained in 2020. To prepare us for 2021. And then we will look back at 2020, and remember how 2020 was the easy, predictable… Continue reading Slouching toward ochlocracy

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful the Pilgrims' realization that collectivism causes misery and creates poverty still resonates enough 400 years later that most of us continue to respect the ideas of freedom of conscience, individual liberty, and free markets. Despite over 100 years of accelerating totalitarian attempts to destroy them from within. In "Of Plymouth Plantation, ... the… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Trust, integrity

Not quite a year ago, three US Senators and a Representative were sufficiently worried about the integrity of US voting technology - "an integral part of our nation’s democratic process.” - that they wrote to the private investment firms owning majority shares in the three largest voting machine vendors: Dominion, Hart InterCivic, and Election Systems… Continue reading Trust, integrity


Most of the people demanding that Sidney Powell produce potentially witness endangering evidence, outside the courtroom, right now; are the same ones who insist, in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian dezinformatsiya. They are the same people who suppressed that story. It has been just three weeks since… Continue reading Evidence


I saw a note that Senator Charles Grassley, 87, has tested positive for CCP virus. He is in quarantine. God speed his recovery. He missed his first Senate vote in 27 years. After 8,927 consecutive votes. It isn’t clear, but I think Judy Shelton's nomination to the Fed was put on hold because Grassley’s vote… Continue reading Authentication?

Normalcy bias is probably unwarranted

Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there You may not know Michael Yon, but you will probably recognize the picture on this book cover: Yon took that iconic picture in May 2005, of U.S. Army Major Mark Bieger cradling an Iraqi girl, who was wounded by shrapnel from a car bomb.… Continue reading Normalcy bias is probably unwarranted


Democrats are complaining that the "transition" to the putative Biden administration is being obstructed. They claim the transition from Obama to Trump was free of such drama. It was "smooth." This is a myth. But, never mind the petty obstructionism from the Obama administration: It's at about this stage of the Obama/Trump transition that the… Continue reading Smooth

Unity is just another word for nothing left to choose

His decades long audition for the job was unsatisfactory. We've rejected the application... what 4 times previously? Plagiarism. Vilifying others for trivial political advantage. Collegiality with racist Senate colleagues. Vicious, cynical, disingenuous sleight of hand against judicial nominees. Demonstrated lack of personal core principles. Indifference to corrupt trading on his political influence. Accelerating incoherence. The… Continue reading Unity is just another word for nothing left to choose


Until Friday the word "mandate" meant a clear and convincing, if not resounding, message from an electorate. It meant full-throated approval of a candidate's policies by a significant majority. Biden claims his "mandate" includes "action on COVID, the economy, climate change, and systemic racism.” With Joe Biden's assertion that he has a mandate - though… Continue reading Mindate